Ok, let’s take a quick break from all this single chatter that I’ve been doing lately. I admit it, my friends got together and suddenly I got depressed about my single status for a little bit there, but it’s okay cause I’m over it now.

5097-365-new-days-happy-new-yearIt’s a new year which means new possibilities and new me. 🙂

And this year, I wanted to start off my new year right.

2016 was my fluke year.

I don’t know about you, but the ending of my 2016  was a bit rough. The year started off fantastic with the implication of my new “New Years Tradition” with my brother via FaceTime, but once school started and first 2016-2017 semester came to a close, that positive outlook started to wane. Nevertheless, I did get out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to explore more things this year than I have ever in my life.

2016 Year Overview

This year I was introduced to k-dramas and “all things” Korean, left the dorms and lived off campus, managed 4 jobs while in school, got a chance to go on a road trip with friends, went camping in 20 degree weather, experienced the Floridan beach and much more.

For some this may be a normal year but for me, someone who doesn’t get out much, that was an explosive year. 😀

I have to admit, looking back at all the things I got to experience, my year wasn’t horrible but it opened a side of me that is no longer satisfied with being stagnant. I want to go out, create change and shake things up in my life. I tapped into a side of me that I didn’t even know existed. I pushed past my self-limitations and fears and tried something I wouldn’t normally do.

So, when I say 2016 was my fluke year, I don’t mean that the year itself was horrible, just that I had done so much this year that I actually had an emotion to care about how the next year went. I should probably explain.

calendar144635 For most of my life I lived robotically. Each day was filled with the same list and requirements (in other words, extremely boring) and I didn’t know how to break from it. When the next new year arrived I didn’t complain because I didn’t expect it to be any different. I had no resolution and no motivation. I didn’t have any strong feelings for nor against the way my year had gone and as a result, I repeated it. A year flew by but I was the exact same if not worse.

But when 2016 rolled around and shook me up the way it did, I didn’t want to go back to the same monotonous life anymore.  I cared how my year turned out.  I had expectations.  Which is why I was extremely terrified for 2017.

How New Years Day Went For Me

I don’t know about most people, but going to bed at 2 a.m. and waking up at 7: 30 a.m. to go to work at 8a.m., isn’t my ideal way of starting off my New Years. On top of that, I missed my new years tradition with my brother. I definitely started the new year on what I consider the wrong foot. It’s okay though because after working I came back home and was able to pull myself together. I FaceTimed my brother, we opened a bottle of “champagne”, and reminisced on the previous year and what our expectation were for this year.

I changed my negative outlook for a more optimistic one, and decided that I was going to be the  change I wanted to see in my life instead of watching others and wishing I could be like them.

Change The Year

People say that making a New Years Resolution is pointless since no one sticks with them throughout the year, but I think that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I, personally, know what it means when a person refuses to set goals for themselves- they have nothing to strive for, and as a result they don’t advance in their lives and are unsatisfied with life. Those people who take the time to make attainable goals in their year, even if it’s just one,  and try to attain it are probably going to be more satisfied with themselves and in my opinion, are happier.

New Years Years resolutions don’t seem so stupid anymore, huh?

I made a crazy list of things I wanted to see completed this year and am excited to see how far I come in this year in completing my goals.

You know, I challenge you to give it a shot.

It doesn’t have to be much.

Just think of one thing that you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time for, or something that you’ve never thought you would ever do and try to make it happen this year. Aim for something and work to make it happen.



Even if you mess up and miss one day, week, or month, don’t give up. The quality of your year isn’t decided through how many mistakes you’ve made, but rather how many things you’ve accomplished.

As long as you get the result, don’t stress about how many times you’ve messed up. Good luck!

좋은 해가되다 🙂

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