Break through boundaries, make new discoveries.

This should be my motto for life, except I’m not the most adventurous person around. Ok, in truth I’m not adventurous at all. It’s bad man. I mean, eating new foods and going to different places make me nervous. Yeah, pretty extreme. But, to be fair, I’m also a vegetarian so eating out is not something that I typically like to do. Going to restaurants with friends (who eat meat) and then having to find something suitable to eat that also tastes delightful is a hassle that I don’t enjoy dealing with. However, stepping out of my comfort zone can prove to be wise, no? _mg_0196So, the first time my friends Jesica and David asked me to go with them to a PHO place for the first time, I went. After all, trying new things hasn’t killed me yet, and being adventurous worked for Columbus.

After driving around for some time, we ended up at a place called PHO’95. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten at a Asian place before, but for me it was a day to remember. I instantly fell in love with their vegetarian fried rice. The taste on my buds was miraculous.

I enjoyed it so much that whenever we have qualms about what to eat and are in the mood for some real food (not that fast food junk), this is like my go to place- along with some boba.  But it has to be this particular place. They took me to some other PHO places and none of them measured up to this one. One nearly killed my taste buds. I was deeply disappointed in their fried rice, but alas, my love for fried food kept me going. I still eat fried rice to this day :D.

I could end this blog post right here and let you ponder if you should find a PHO’95 place to dine at right now but, that would be so unlike me. I have to give you more food for thought. Let’s talk about something challenging… like recent life choices.

As some of you guys know, this is my second semester of my sophomore year of college. I have to admit, it has been pretty eventful these two years. I’ve done more things than I have ever done in my life since leaving home…none too regretful:). I’ve made some amazing friends and got to understand myself and personality a bit more. I’ve grown tremendously and I am totally ready for whatever gets thrown my way from now on.

…That’s what I told myself before I realized that I graduated in two years and still have no clue what I’m going to do with my life. Let me phrase that better. I have no idea what line of work I’m going to end up in; I do know (in a broad sense) what I want to do with my life though. It’s on days like today that I wonder, why can’t all life decisions be like going to PHO’95?  Why can’t it just start you off with the nervous belly flutter and then in the end prove to be the best choice you’ve ever made?

Can I just be real with you guys? I’m a planner. hard-work-3I like organization and having some direction in an otherwise chaotic world. I like knowing what I need to do and map of how to get there. The scariest thing to me is having no direction and feeling hopeless. And recently, that vague, uncertain, directionless feeling has been overwhelming me. Do you feel it sometimes, too? It’s like I’m moving but going nowhere.

These are the thoughts that have been bogging me down lately, but never fear, after each rainfall there is a rainbow that lets you know everything will be okay. That rainbow, for me, came in the form of inspiration.

Now here comes the real sugar.

So, for months I’ve been saying that I’m going to land myself an internship the summer of my sophomore year. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I didn’t really know how to go about accomplishing that. BUT, instead of getting too discouraged over that small little detail, I decided to look at the bigger picture. My future. real-fears

Right now, my accomplishments and achievements are pretty unimpressive, so I decided that I’m going to explore different avenues that I can see myself doing later in my life. What does that all entail, you ask? Well, seeing as I am a Communication major with an emphasis in Radio/TV film, I thought I would keep my options open by continuing writing things like this, dabbling a little in photography and immersing myself in the art of film.

My new challenge? Simple, to create content that I can look back on and be proud of while I’m looking for an internship. I want to develop an impressive portfolio over the months I am career-less to optimize my changes of landing a secure job.  I’m starting small in light of trying new foods and hopefully will advance to something more impressive like landing my dream career.

What are some new things you’ve tried? What are your accomplishments?