One of my assignments in my Photography class was to take a bunch of pictures that describes me as an individual and compile it into a collage. I ended up taking pictures of myself and a couple of my friends. As you can see, the main things that describe me is food, friends, school, my blog and all things Korean.

I’m a pretty sad character, I know. 🙂


The assignment ended up looking like this, and I can honestly say that I’m kind of proud of the outcome. I’m no photographer and I definitely have a hard time expressing myself through pictures but I don’t think this came out so bad.


Not really. I’m just gonna explain the picture in a little more detail.

As you can tell, I blended all the pictures together and didn’t give it definite lines. I wanted to give off the impression that all of these things make up my life. There are no definite lines that mark separation. It’s because when I think about the physical things that describe me and who I am, I can’t give a clear answer. SO, I blended it all. Even the faded parts are still evident because I didn’t want to erase any part no matter how insignificant it seemed. Everything made up some part of me.

SO yeah, this is my first photography assignment and I’m kind of proud of it so I decided to share. I’m currently working on another assignment that I’m psyched about also and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Be looking forward to it. 🙂