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I went out to Sundance Square one evening with a couple of my friends and did a photoshoot of them. Well, in all honesty, it was for a class assignment but as the saying goes, “kill two birds with one stone”,no? I didn’t upload all of the photos that I took just a couple, but all in all I really like the outcome of it so I decided to share it with you guys. I’m starting to appreciate storytelling through different avenues. I’ve never considered myself a photographer (and I still don’t) but now I’m seeing that with a little time and practice I can be half decent at this thing. What do you think? Should I take up photography or just leave it to the professionals and stick with writing?

I’m still making a few adjustments to my homework assignment but when it’s completed I’ll be sure to upload the results and share it with you all! 🙂

Happy viewing!

P.S. Sorry for the lag in the update, I’ve been really busy with school and life. I have a test tomorrow that I’m supposed to be studying for but decided to take a break for a few minutes and hang with you guys. I’ll try to drop in more frequently so we can chill. Until then, peace!