Sometimes I don’t know the answers to the questions in life.

Sometimes I don’t understand why things turn out the way they do.

Sometimes I don’t see how things will be okay in the end.

But I do know one thing-

I know that things happen for a reason

I know that there is some good in every bad

I know that any situation that may come my way, I can find a solution for it

Because I know these things, I can smile.

I can laugh at the small things in life and have a light heart.

I can lend a helping hand to someone having a hard time because I may be their angel for that day.

I give encouragement because I have been encouraged.

So, I pass my secret to you.

When things happen in life that you can’t quite understand, don’t lose hope. There’s a reason for everything even if you can’t clearly see that reason now.


Lend a helping hand.

In being someone’s angel you may find yours.