“I hate being seen as a sex object.”

“Why can’t I be liked for brains instead of beauty?”

“I can do anything a guy can!”

“They only do this to me because I’m a woman.”

“Women need to stop being objectified. The media keeps corrupting and placing insane standard of women beauty. It’s wrong.”


feministThese are the kind of comments and complaints woman have said over generations and recently it has become increasingly prevalent.

As a female, I completely agree with the disgust and annoyance of being objectified.I am feminist in the sense that I believe that woman and men should have equal opportunities in life. I don’t think a person should ever be discriminated against because of their sex, race, or disability.

Comments likes the one’s mentioned above are true to an extent. All throughout the centuries, women are seen as someone are meant to be domesticated. They are suppose to be docile and feminine and taken care of by the man.  They were seen as helpless and weak. For a while, that was okay among women but over the years, that image, especially amongst women have disintegrated . Women now want to take charge of their own lives and do things for themselves. They are tired of relaying 100% upon a male. They no longer want to stay home all the time. They want to work. They want to make a difference.

However, one thing keeps getting in their way- the fact they are females. This “fe” before the male in female and the “wo” before the man in woman has greatly hindered the progression of the female population. There are no equal plateau for the woman in this world and it sucks. But what are we doing to change that fact? Complaining?

tumblr_mynt2gylpX1rs21yho1_250Dear Women,

You say you are sick of being objectified by men. I feel you, so am I.

You are tired of being paid less. You don’t want the quality of your appearance to determine your future. Yes, yes, girl, I understand. Me neither.

So, what are you doing to stop it?

From what I’ve seen, complaining doesn’t go far. You shout, cry, say “it’s not fair” and expect change over night, yet nothing happens. Talking doesn’t do much either. Taking action is the only thing that efficiently gets a point across.

It worked when the forefathers of this nation left Britain and started the New World. It worked when the slaves left their masters through the underground railroad in search of a better life. It worked when Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King began speaking up for their rights and opportunities as African-Americans. It worked when our foremothers fought for a change. The same way it worked for those before us, the same way it will work for us but we must do something about it. We not only have to speak, but we have to take action also.

You don’t want to be judge by your looks and seen as a sex object? Then don’t dress the way that presents that message!feminism

Face it ladies, men are visual. You know it, I know it, so don’t succumb to it! Instead of dressing like a sex object, COVER UP!  It may be your body but in reality, its not just your eyes that look at you. Nothing is wrong with wanting to look good, but remember, when you are trying to present a message to someone and get your voice heard, you need to dress the part.

You want to dress however you want and be seen as a smart, independent woman. Great, so do I. However, that outfit (you know which one I’m talking about) has a preconceived idea tagged to it, and when you put it on whatever you say, no matter what how great it is, your words will fall on deaf ears. Why? Because men respond to what they see. If you dress like that girl in the movies, that’s how they are going to treat you.

When you are fighting for something, putting up with a little discomfort won’t hurt you. In the end, the most important thing is to get the message across. Once that is accomplished then you can move on to phase two.

You want to be respected? Earn it.

You can’t force men to respect you if you are doing the things that they naturally expect you do to. Shock them into your reality. Take the time and bear with the discomfort. Until everyone sees eye to eye then one who is fighting for the change needs to be willing to put in the most effort. I’m sorry, but that’s how it has always been.

You have to work twice as hard until your message is heard. There’s no other way around it. It won’t be easy but it’s worth it.

Come on, Ladies..

We say we want change but most of us aren’t fighting for it. We say we want to be treated equal yet we are depending on men to take care most of the issues. We let them run the government, the task force, and fight our battles. We say we want more opportunities but we don’t make use of the one’s we already have. If we keep giving our load to someone else,  how will they know that we can carry it?

You know what our problem is?

We, ourselves don’t wholeheartedly believe in what we are saying. If we did, our voices would’ve been heard. We would’ve made more progress in achieving our dream of equality but we haven’t because we don’t care enough. We say we want this, but in reality we are comfortable in being pampered and controlled. Whenever things get too hard we immediately pull the “I’m a girl” card and expect everything to be fixed.

We can’t do that if we want to be treated equal. Equal means that everything that the man gets we get too. That means the workload, the penalty, the pain, the pay…EVERYTHING.

We want the guys to notice us and treat us like a woman, but at the same time we want them to see us as their equal. We are speaking out of two sides of our mouths and its confusing them. What do we really want? Guys already have a hard time understanding woman, that’s proven, so make it easier on them and be clear. Be concise.

Here’s A Solution..

We shouldn’t speak two different messages and expect for someone to understand what we are saying.

We should make ourselves valuable. In the end that’s what is going to count. Talk won’t go as far as work. If we show them that we are valuable and can handle anything that comes our way then they won’t be able to argue with it. Instead of screaming “but I’m a girl” when things get hard, rise to the occasion and face whatever comes your way with vigor.

Action speak louder than words, ladies.

So, if you want to stop being objectified, you should quit objectifying yourself. Stop putting yourself in a place where you are misunderstood. Stop complaining when things get too hard and expect a man to come to your rescue.  Just stop, with it all. Stop showing off the cleavage and start show off your brains. Guys go off what they see, so show them what you want them to see. When you do that things will change.

If you aren’t ready to make these sacrifices don’t complain when things get too complicated.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I’m not saying that feminism is a worthless cause to fight for. I do believe in feminism and  equality- I think most of us ladies do. I’m just saying the one’s that actually doing something about it are few and far in between. Most of us are sitting on our butts and complaining about the situation. So, to those who are all talk and no action- please, stop talking. You aren’t helping anyone. If you want to see change, start by changing yourself and support those who are trying to make a change too.

giphyWe need to have each others backs. If we don’t, who will?

That’s my message to the ladies who want feminism to thrive. It’s not only the men who need to change. We do too.

Girl power! 👊

See you on the flip side, guys!

Until then, peace! ✌