In the previous post, I mentioned some issues with feminism related to the girls and I thought it only appropriate to give a shout out to my men. I mean, let’s face it guys,  some of you cause us some great heart ache in this area.

I tried to think objectively as possible in this scenario but I can’t lie, I’m a feminist through and through. I believe that human rights are rights that any and every human should have regardless or their color, sex, or disability. However, in the name of fairness, I tried to see what men would think of the whole women equality thing and why it could be harder for them to accept. I probably didn’t touch base with the more solid reasons but the small points I brought up made it clear to me why others, especially  men, could have a hard time accepting this. men sideNow I realize that most of the 21st century men don’t mind a feminist woman who wants to work, but to those who do, this letter is for you.

Logically, there is no legitimate excuse to smolder the progress of women and push them down. So, men, I have a few select words for you also-please listen and try to understand.

Just so I’m clear-I know not all men are anti-feminist. The reasons I list below may not even be the reason of your hesitance, but take this opportunity to look at things from a female’s point of view, if you haven’t already, and see if you can understand us a little better.

Dear Men,

You need to stop thinking of woman as weak and needy. We don’t need to be protected all the time. You don’t have to worry, we can fight to protect ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, your concern is sweet. It makes us feel loved and protected, yet confining us in a space isn’t right. Sometimes we want to stand up and fight. We want to help you. We have no intention of taking away your right as a man, we just want to fight along side you.

Don’t feel threatened. 

reproduc.gifWomen standing up for themselves shouldn’t be a blow to your masculinity. You are still a man regardless. And let’s face the fact, in certain aspects a woman will always need a man and vice versa. You don’t have to push down a woman because she is smart, strong and independent.  Don’t do it. It helps no one.

I mean, look on the bright side of things- it means less work for you. Your woman wants to work and receive equal in the workforce? LET HER!  That means more income for you, less work hours, more vacations and an easy life. What’s so bad about that?

Your woman wants to take up a self-defense class and learn how to fight? LET HER! That means, when you are far from home, you don’t have to worry about her sitting all alone, locked up in an abandoned shed too weak to protect herself from her capturers. She can handle herself.

giphy 1.gif

Your woman wants to have a career? LET HER! If she finds a purpose and meaning for her life, the happier she will be, and if she is happy the easier your life will be. Who are you to stand in her way and take that from her?

You want a family caretaker?

Now, I doubt that 95% of men think this way, but if you are among the 5% of men who think that your woman should be home taking care of your children instead of working, then talk to her.

While I am amongst the women who believe that working and taking care of myself is a good thing, I also believe that once one decides to have children their focus should alter. I’m not saying that women have to give up their  careers and goals in life in order to take care of their babies. However, I do believe that for a specific period of their lives, mothers should spend excessive time at home and raise their child. If they can work and still find the time to raise their child-kudos to them, but someone should be home assisting the child especially during the developing period of a child’s life. Then, once the child is off to school and there is nothing left for them to do, they can go back to finding a job that will let them work (keeping her child’s schedule in mind). So, in this aspect, I empathize with you men. Let the ladies know your concerns though, don’t just force them to stay home with your kids.

Here’s the thing, gents..

Women want to be seen as individuals. We want you to respect us and believe in us. When you attempt to force us to do something we don’t want or understand, we are going to rebel. It’s natural. Happens all the time in teens. No one likes being told they can’t do something especially without knowing the reason.

giphySome of us women really do want to be given a fair chance to have our voices heard and our intellect respected. To be honest men, we are tired of being seen as sex objects. We aren’t here to satisfy you whenever you please, we have other things that we can do and we want to do them. We want to work in the government and help run the country we love, we want to fight along side you in the army, we want to have more diverse and independent roles to play in the media and much more.

So why can’t we have it?

Why do you want to suppress us?

I know most of you may not do it intentionally, but it’s how you were taught. You are supposed to be more powerful and dominant than us women. You are supposed to guide and lead us, make sure we respect you and raise your family well. That’s what you were told.

But gentlemen, it’s the 21st century.

Women aren’t as docile and petite anymore. We have goals and aspirations just like you and we want a fair chance to reach them. So please, try understand where we are coming from and don’t block our paths.

If we work together as fellow humans, I’m certain things will go more smoothly.

I just wanted to repeat..

I realize that not every man is anti-feminist, especially now-a-days. This letter was for those who are against the independence of women, for those who suppress their wives and daughters and would rather them uneducated and dependent than strong individuals. I have no intention of bashing on you, men. I respect the things you do and am grateful. I also am sorry that some of us ladies do confuse you and make it harder for you to respect us, but if you haven’t noticed already, change is sometimes good. So don’t be a stumbling block to those who are trying to progress and let us succeed together.

You have a role, men.

We all do.

So, let us work together to accomplish the good instead of tearing each other down.

This is my message to all the anti-feminist men out there- women are just as useful as you.

✌ 👍 👊