Now that I think about it, that title can be very misleading. I probably should’ve said my up and coming movie POSTER seeing as I’m not creating a movie or anything…

But if I had added the “poster” part, you guys probably wouldn’t have stopped by, so it all worked out for the best, I suppose.

So, just for clarification purposes, I am NOT creating a movie and this poster was done as final project for my Photography class. For the assignment, I was suppose to come up with a movie IDEA and create a movie poster for it. To be honest, I hadn’t the faintest idea how I was going to make this poster work. See, I like simple things. Simple, yet beautiful. But, that isn’t possible with all the requirements that this project had attached to it. My first draft of the movie poster looked like this:

Keep You_Julena Allen copy

You see? Simple and straight to the point.

Just how I like it.

But then, I went back into the assignment and realized my teacher wanted me to add extra things- like words and ratings and all that good stuff.


That’s more work for poor me! But, being the kind of student I am, I went back into the blasted Photoshop and created this messy looking thing:

Wordpress final copy movie poster

Messy. Just messy.

Well, that’s my opinion. What do you think?

I mean, I guess the second one looks more like a real movie poster, but eh, I don’t see that much likeness to one.

I’m proud of my work either way though, so I decided to share it with you guys. Not quite sure if I have a future creating movie posters, so we’ll stick with this assignment for now. I can’t exactly see myself as a professional photoshopper….is that even a word?

Gosh,  I don’t even know what I’m talking about now.

Okay, well I clearly need some sleep so I’m gonna do that now. I’ll catch you guys in another amazing post! ;P

Until next time,