Just because it didn’t last forever  doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.

As I was reminiscing on my past experiences and the vast amount of people that trek in and out of my life, I realized that 95% of the people in my life that I was close to before I now didn’t have any real connection with them. I was sobered and slightly sadden, at first, by the fact that the people I was so certain would last forever no longer had any real impact on my life now. I thought it meant that something was dreadfully wrong with the way I started and cemented my friendships, but another thought hit me just as I was going to start reevaluating my friendship making process– people are placed in your life for a variety of reasons. 

Not everyone I was close to before is meant to stay in my life perpetually.  I then started  thinking of how many people in my life were placed there to help me, how many lives I was placed in to help, and how many came in to stay in forever.  You know what happened? I saw that nearly all the close friendships I had were either there for my benefit or the other party’s. Did that mean that the memories I made with them, the promises of forever I exchanged with them, the sweet titles like, best friends, that we exchanged were done in vain? No. Just because I am not as close to those people as I would like to be now, doesn’t mean that what we shared previously wasn’t real.

I used to doubt that I could hold lasting friendships because they seemed to dissolve the moment I, or the other person moved on.  It bothered me before, but now I understand. Majority of the friendships I’ve developed were not meant to last long. They were more for education, supporting, and guiding purposes-whether it was me helping them or them helping me.

Does that mean the relationships I developed are not worth continuing or pursuing? Did that make all the friends that I had in my life until this moment fake? 

Sometimes I’m tempted to think that what I shared with those individuals meant nothing to them, but now I’m certain that can’t be true. I may not know the reason why I was placed in their lives or why they were in mine, however, one day it will all be clear. One day I’ll understand the reason why they were placed in my life, and why I was placed in theirs. I may not be as close to them now, but I’m convinced that what I shared with them then was real. For that moment and time in my life, those people were definitely my best friends and the memory of them will be sweet and forever in my mind.

The people in who are in my life currently, I don’t know how long they will last (I hope forever) or why they are there, but I’m grateful and will cherish them as much as I can.

img_5089There are friends who will come into your life and are meant to stay forever. Fight to keep those people, because finding them is like finding a diamond in the ruff.

Until next time,