It’s time to be self-reliant.

tenor-1There comes a time in our life when we long to make meaningful and possibly life changing decisions for ourselves. Sometimes we want to make these kinds of decisions alone without the two cents of our parents and other times we want to make them with the support of our parents. Whatever the decision may be, we feel accomplished knowing we decided alone.  However, for whatever reason, some of us feel like we are hindered from experiencing that. Why? Nothing can hinder us from doing what we want to do but ourselves. If we want to make decisions on our own then we should do it. When it comes down to it, we live our lives ourself. Not for Mom. Not for Dad. Not for our friends. For ourselves.

Obstacles- a natural occurance

Now with that being said, I know there are many obstacles that we may encounter on our decision making, step to independence path, but that’s exactly what they are…obstacles. They shouldn’t be made into “closed roads” that prevent us from eventually getting to our destination.  If we find something that is conflicting with our goal we should “reroute” and find another road that takes us to the place we so desire. If we sit in front of the obstacle and wait for it to move then we aren’t going to go anywhere.

Some of us are afraid of failing and are sick of all the “I told you so’s” it would incur. Some of us feel as if our parents are smothering us, forbidding us to become the adult we imagine ourselves to be. And the rest of us just don’t know where to start in order to become the independent, 2.0 version of ourselves.


I’ve discovered the truth behind attaining independence- goals. When we set realistic goals for ourselves and complete them, we can mark our progress and acquire confidence in our ability do things on our own. I’m not talking about petty things. Ideally,  the goals should be something that takes time and can’t happen over night. There is something rewarding being persistent and reaching a dream.

The real issue when it comes to independence is that we, ourselves, may not feel capable of making (what we consider) huge decisions on our own. We lack confidence in our abilities and experience. If we cower behind our fear and don’t take a leap of faith in ourselves then we won’t ever know what we are capable of, will we?

We Got This

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes, it teaches us how to be more confident by knocking us down a few times, and in doing so it shows us our real strengths. If we cower behind our parents and others without facing it head on however, we can never come out a victor.


I’m not saying that we won’t ever need to go to our parents for advice on some of the decisions we make, but that we won’t need to okay it will them all the time. We are responsible. Responsible people know what they can handle and when they need to ask for help. Independence simply means that we don’t rely on someone 100%. We can stand on our own two feet.


We should all strive to become self-reliant. 🙂

Until next time,