There are times in life when I feel that I’m just playing out a role handed me at birth.  Life is the stage and I’m am just a supporting role in it- a puppet, if you will. A role that comes and goes; one that no one remembers. 

Yet, there’s a part of me that wants to be someone who passes into recognition. Someone who can really make a difference and change whatever role I’ve been handed. I want to do bigger, better things and help those around me do those same things also. But if my destiny is predestined to not be any of those things, how can I? 

Is my life predestined or is there hope of a change?

Who is in control?

I was watching a k-drama the other day about roles that people play in life. In the show, it showed how life treats one individual a certain way because they are born with a silver spoon and the other person gets the scraps from that person’s feet because they didn’t. It delved into each individual’s life, showing how the role’s they were labeled with at birth affected them. It’s no secret that every one struggles in life. Granted, each person struggles differently and start life off at a different level, but does this determine who we will become?

In the show, students who came from a poor family and didn’t get the best grades (even those who did) had a harder time getting into college than those who had money to back them up. Naturally, this led to prejudice, discrimination and discontent in the atmosphere of the school. Obviously, as story telling goes, there was a few students who attempted to break free of the wretched system, but it wasn’t not easy. The rich kids are pressured because of their parents, and the poor ones from life and the label that’s unfairly placed on them.

I’ve thought about this before watching the show but watching it really made me question some things about life. I have always been a firm believer that you are in control of your own life. No one can tell you how to live your life;  you have to make decisions for your future on your own. Thoughts like- “you are in charge in how you turn out,  not your parents, friends, society, or the world, you.” Don’t get me wrong, I still believe this ideology but, I guess you can say I have a more “enhanced perspective” on it. You see, while you are in charge of who you become, the labels, position, and opinions of others still have a major sway in your reality. What people say and how they perceive us has the unfair power to make them huge players in our decision making. We shouldn’t let their opinions of us make us lose our resolve and become the person they may think we are.


anigif_enhanced-29447-1416242120-26Sometimes we make mistakes in our lives that we aren’t particularly proud of. They have a way of sneaking into our thoughts uninvited and haunt us. These decisions whether known or done in private have immense power over us- if we let them. We are humans, we may not always make the wisest decisions but does that mean everything is over for us? NO! We shouldn’t let those bad decisions define us. But it seems like it does sometimes, doesn’t? Are we let it get to us and bring us down more?

Naively optimistic..?

Some people may think me to be naively optimistic with what I’m saying. “Life will teach her,” they say. “Life isn’t going to work out the way we want it too, it never does.” Am I naively optimistic? Perhaps, yet I highly doubt it. But I am a 21st century American who believes that things happen for a reason AND that I control who I become. So I didn’t come from the best family, grew up in the fanciest neighborhood, or went to the best schools, but one thing I’ve noticed is that determination, hard work and a few other things can make the impossible possible. There aren’t many things we can control in life, but why give your future, your life to someone else? I’m no puppet; I won’t have a ventriloquist speak my words for me. 

I look at people throughout history who made something out of themselves despite their background and am amazed. Rosa Parks, Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Ryan White, Frank Willis, J.K Rowling and much more. Despite the labels that society placed on them they pushed through the boundaries and changed the world as we know it. They had a dream and they attained it at all cost.

I’m not saying that we all will change the world and make some huge difference, but I am saying that our dream, our individuality, our uniqueness shouldn’t be squashed and stomped on by someone who isn’t us. 

It Starts with You


You may come from a country that believes in a caste system or one that is based off of freedom, either way the way you live your life starts with you. You can’t control how you were born into this life, but you can determine how you will live it before you die. Don’t be anyone’s puppet.

I’m not, besides I suck at memorizing lines. 😉

So, is my life predestined or do I have control in who I become? I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Until next time,