img_5018I am a 20-year-old laughable ambivert who used to love to explore the world through the comforts of her bedroom. Never being the kind of person to do life-risking things, I’ve lived a comfortable, yet boring life up until now.

As a sophomore in college, I’ve experienced things that has challenged my perception of the world and made me seriously question my life habits. I’ve run into people in my life who have open the doors to my adventurous side and made the world a brighter place to live.

With this new outlook on life, I’ve decided to do things a little bit differently and challenge myself to do things I liked but never thought to actually try before. For example,  learning a new language, make my own scripted videos, consistent blogging and complete an entire book.

I’ve picked up learning Korean, created my first scripted video called the “The Note”, started this blog and am working on an intense novel.

So yeah, now I’m on the journey of “better-ing” myself for the future, opening myself to opportunities, and prove to myself that I can be whatever I’d like to be. Thanks to my friends, I am inspired to take on a new journey and invite you to join me! 🙂

주위에 당신을보고!