The name’s Julena. Or Juu, or June, or Juls or…well, I have a ton of nicknames thanks to the amazing people that trek in and out of my life- and now you are one of them! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m an awkward person. I love to sing, laugh, watch kdrama’s and make others smile. If you don’t mind those kinds of people then I guess we’re cool:)



What is this blog about?

At first, I created this blog with the intention of talking about the experiences I went through as a single individual whose friends are practically all in relationships. Being the kind of person who doesn’t really know how to handle a ton of PDA or be the third wheel, knowing that most of my friends were in a relationship stressed me out so much I had to write about it.

So, violà! 🙂

Welcome to what you can just think of as my personal venting space.

This blog was supposed to only contain real- life scenarios that I go through on a day to day basis and some struggles I may face. It was going to be told through first person narrative (because I didn’t want to recount some of the exact events so I put it in a “story” form to make it easier for me to think) and was meant to be interactive.

But as time wore on….

I realized that there is so many things that happen in my life while I’m single  that I could talk about. So, it went from “my woes in being alone” to just “life”. I realized that since I was in control of my own story, I shouldn’t sit around and complain about others living theirs but make mine as memorable as possible.

So, I took the blog to a whole new level!

Everyone has an expectation for themselves and where they want their life to turn out but there are times in life when you realize what you wanted in lie and what you need are two different things. To me, life can be a paradox and you have to find clarity in it.

The Paradox of Life is about looking for those moments in life that baffle you and finding your truth in them.

I will post a variety things that ranges from short spurts of knowledge that I may have uncovered or more relatable and in depth things.

It’ll be like a journey.

You’ll see where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I want to go. You’ll get to know me as a person and in turn, I hope to get to know you.

I want to try to inspire others to take control of their lives and make it as meaningful to them as possible. I’m not the most adventurous person in the world, but I want to push myself to take on challenges and live life without regret.

I’ll try to keep it real, so hopefully this won’t just be mindless entertainment for you. I want  you will gain something from this as well.

Enjoy! 🙂